On the Lighter Side


Wind River Blonde Ale

An easy-drinking ale with pleasant malted barley flavors. This everyday brew is lively, light and refreshing. Also available in cans to go! 

5% ABV 25 IBU

Between the Limes

A summer delight with a touch of lime. This laid-back light ale is infused with fresh lime zest to make the ultimate boat beer. 

4.5% ABV 25 IBU

Sheppard’s Weissbier

South German Hefeweizen. This unfiltered wheat ale is cloudy and straw colored. True to style, this beer is packed with banana and clove flavor and aroma.
5.2% ABV 13 IBU

Mongo Mango

Mangos grown in a secret location in Pinedale are infused into our Weissbier for a fruited, summer quencher.
5% ABV 13 IBU

Brewed High Rye

A beer to celebrate the great state of Wyoming! This easy summer sipper is brewed with Wyoming grain and Wyoming honey. Spicy rye flavors balance the floral clover honey.

5.2% ABV 25 IBU


Summer ale brewed with over 500 pounds of blackberry and blood orange puree. Bright citrus and ripe berry flavors. Not too sweet with the right amount of fruity.  

5.2% ABV 20 IBU

Pale Ales


Shady Lady Pale Ale

Pale ale brewed with New Zealand hops. Light stone fruit and faintly tropical aromas and flavor. Pairs well with patio weather! 

5.9% ABV 40 IBU

Rocky Mountain Ghost Town IPA

Slightly hazy, juicy style IPA. Extra aromatic with notes of orange, mango and tangerine. The addition of oats gives this brew a smoother, creamy mouthfeel. $4 snifter $6 pint

5.9% ABV 45 IBU

Wyoming Pale Ale

A hybrid pale ale as big as Wyoming! This unique imperial pale has a beautiful malty body accompanied by a complex hop profile. Hefty hop additions throughout the brew make this a hit with hop lovers. Have one (or three) here and take a 4-pack home!
7.2% ABV 90 IBU

The Dark Side


Adventure Amber

An American classic full of sweet malty flavors complimented by a floral and citrus hop profile. Pairs well with food, adventure and good company.
6.7 ABV 50 IBU

Out of Order Porter

This award-winning English Porter is light in body and dark in color, with ruby highlights. Rich bittersweet chocolate, caramel and biscuit flavors with a pleasantly dry finish. Look for it in cans coming this fall!

5.5% ABV 40 IBU

Strom Bomb Stout

Big and beautiful oatmeal stout with complex notes of creamy caramel, toffee and espresso. The addition of oatmeal gives this beer an unreal velvety smooth mouth feel.

7.4% ABV 30 IBU


SEASONAL - Not the darkest beer we brew, but definitely the strongest. TKO is an English Old Ale with Barley Wine strength. Warm and surprisingly smooth with dark fruit, molasses and brandy-like flavors. Snifter glass only.

12.5% ABV 51 IBU